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Comparing Metal Stamping with Other Production Methods

Compared to other competitive manufacturing categories, metal stamping is often the superior choice.

1.Metal Stamping vs. Die Casting

Die casting processes start with molten metal. The fluid is forced into a mold under pressure. There, the metal cools and hardens into a determined shape. This process only works with non-ferrous metals and can also be very expensive and time-intensive.

Metal stamping forms sheets of metal to create specifically shaped parts. Metal stamping also works with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. However, stamping may have fewer options in terms of complexity and thickness. Each method brings unique advantages depending on the product design.


2.Metal Stamping vs. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is another popular process for cutting away excess material from workpieces. It results in smooth edges and extremely accurate adherence to the original design. However, the heat of the laser can affect steel workpieces depending on their thickness and the tolerances required. Laser cutting services cant bend or form the metal, so the workpiece may end up requiring additional processes. For three-dimensional designs, metal stamping can offer more comprehensive completion of the individual steps. Metal stamping can also handle thicker workpieces and parts made from a wider range of metals. Depending on the design of the part being constructed, as well as the materials required, one manufacturing method may be a better option than the other. Aranda Tooling offers both and can provide advice on which method would be best for your project.